Here is a small collection of thermal images of people and transport. Bar removing the  otherwise embedded thermal data after finding the optimal color-spread for each image, so as to reduce file sizes, these are largely untouched. In due course several may be cropped and 'played with' to generate more arresting images. Most link to a larger original-sized version. Use your browser's back button to get back to this web page if click through to originals. 

The current image collection on this page will be slowly revised over the coming months. Contributions are invited from anybody who thinks they might have an image of interest. Any third party images and comments used will be marked and hyperlinked as requested. Please see the About page for details of how to contact 

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Somebody else with a camera
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Part of a London trading floor
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Leadenhall Street
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Leadenhall Street
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What's that on his hand?
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 6 of ice skating at Canary Wharf
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9 of life at Canary Wharf
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Ice Skaters at Tower of London
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 Oxford Street, New Year's Eve
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Oxford Street, New Year's Eve
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Routemaster bus on wet road
wpe9.jpg (22423 bytes)
Taxi on wet road
IR_1180.jpg (74808 bytes)
Routemaster in front of St Pauls
IR_0919.jpg (37277 bytes)
Docklands Light Railway
IR_0925.jpg (71173 bytes)
Cold nose, colder fingers
wpe1C.jpg (33008 bytes)
Westminster Bridge. Early New Year's Eve 
wpeB.jpg (27105 bytes)
Umbrellas near Tower Hill
wpe1.jpg (37105 bytes)
Merry go round at London Zoo - May 08
wpe5.jpg (24015 bytes)
Engine heat reflected by road - May 08
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Scenes in The Minories pub
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wpe11.jpg (24689 bytes)
wpe18.jpg (23221 bytes) wpe8F.jpg (32674 bytes) wpe8D.jpg (36372 bytes)
  S.S. Robin, West India Quay DLR, West India Quay
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