As explained on the main Buildings page, novel images of the built environment, with qualities associated with patterns and form, were two 'finds' from experimenting with the thermal imaging camera as part of the original work for Thermalcities. 
These images are mainly of various points around Canary Wharf and West India Quay, and also a whole batch captured from a single point at the junction of Leadenhall Street and Lime Street (Which, in a few years time will probably be the best ground-level point in London from which to feast upon a collection of really interesting buildings.)

Also present is an obligatory shot of the Millennium Wheel and, next to the visuals, a repeat of a window pattern initially shown on the home page. Next to it here is a visual reference photograph of roughly the same panes of glass. Both visuals are from new buildings to the West of Euston Tower on the Euston Road. The left hand visual is a reference shot for another pattern shown on the home page.

If you want to understand more about what exactly is being presented in each image and why, check out the about the technology page, which is a primer on thermal imaging.

Most images link to relatively grainy 640x480 enlargements. Higher definition imagery can be drawn from the base image set if needed in due course. 

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Lime Street, The Lloyds Building and the surrounding area.
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The junction of Leadenhall Street with Lime Street offers a staggeringly impressive vista of assorted architecture.  
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Taken just before dusk on a cold winter's day, the thermal images are much starker than the visuals, but are still arresting.  
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The current image collection on this page will be slowly revised over the coming months. Contributions are invited from anybody who thinks they might have an image of interest. Any third party images and comments used will be marked and hyperlinked as requested. Please see the About page for details of how to contact
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