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The following images will adjust for screen size but have been optimized for WUXGA (1920 x 1200) screens. To use just click through to the originals, right click on these and choose to use as your monitor's background picture. Multiple monitors can be used to show gallery-like collections of these images, to help improve an office space. Copyright for all imagery derived from this page resides with Lowe. Users are allowed to used these images on their personal monitors. There are more notes below.
plue2.jpg (173978 bytes)
plue 2
redsky1.jpg (172464 bytes) river1.jpg (205541 bytes) sunrise1.jpg (118114 bytes)
 Redsky 1 River 1 Sunrise 1
bink1.jpg (127416 bytes) bled1.jpg (206770 bytes) bink2.jpg (133250 bytes)
 Jupiter 1 Jupiter 2 Blink 2
bink3.jpg (124885 bytes) blue3.jpg (117100 bytes) blue4.jpg (120938 bytes)
Blink 3 Blue 3 Blue 4
greenfield1.jpg (102305 bytes) greenyel1.jpg (236755 bytes) Image2az2.jpg (119135 bytes)
Greenfield 1 Greenfield 2 River 2
blue5.jpg (112878 bytes) blue6.jpg (119243 bytes) blue2.jpg (111657 bytes)
Blue 5 Blue 6 Blue 2
Image1Orange1.jpg (108670 bytes) Image3Orange2.jpg (112912 bytes) Image4Orange3.jpg (104720 bytes)
Sun 1 Sun 2 Sun 3
Image6Azyel1.jpg (148348 bytes) Image7oraz1.jpg (132356 bytes) Image8orgren1.jpg (124532 bytes)
Meld 1 Meld 2 Meld 3
orue1.jpg (156583 bytes) pink1.jpg (119967 bytes) plue1.jpg (154452 bytes)
Meld 4 Meld 5 Meld 6
The pictures above are for use as monitor backgrounds, NOT screensavers. The best screensaver is a screen switched off to save energy.
The pictures above are based on thermal images and are the result of EXTENSIVE photo manipulation. The aim is to offer a collection that works either as a single image on one monitor, or as multiple images across an entire office of monitors that collectively make a larger artwork.
The background picture is to the right is a repeating pattern extracted from a thermal image of One Canada Square, at Canary Wharf, London. A number of alternatives based upon this theme are shown on the Experiments page. This tiny picture can 'Tile' across and fill most spaces.

Infinite Canary Wharf

cIR_0823.jpg (483981 bytes)
IR_1161.jpg (683584 bytes) IR_0916.jpg (75025 bytes) IR_1196.jpg (74750 bytes) IR_1356.jpg (81888 bytes) IR_1514.jpg (74448 bytes) IR_1730.jpg (436745 bytes) cIR_0912.jpg (425863 bytes)   IR_1918.jpg (72080 bytes)
The above  were part of the old thermalcities:london menu and click through to larger originals. More imagery will be added in due course.

If you have any imagery to contribute, for which you will then be fully acknowledged, please see the About page.
Copyright for all images and text resides with Steve Lowe/ Thermalcities, except where otherwise stated.


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