Rather than offer serious comment on a building's thermal performance, the aim here is simply to look at them, in the context of their wider environments, from a 'Fresh' (thermal) perspective, to see if anything of interest can be discerned. 
Numerous examples of poor insulation and energy leakage were captured. This is to be expected however, in that thermal imaging is a tried and tested tool for this kind of analysis. Incidentally, many of the problems identified by thermal imaging can often be quickly and cheaply remedied and, in due course, the Energy! page will explore this further.
The relationship between people and buildings as captured via a thermal imaging camera, is seen far more vividly, as the humans are generally so much warmer.  In the top right hand picture, for example, a lone doorman stands out against the relatively vast backdrop of the Canary Wharf office building behind him. See the People and Transport page for more.

By loosing so much visual detail, the form of buildings is so much more apparent, as can be seen in the middle right picture of the roof of the St Pancras Hotel, from the courtyard of the British Museum on a sunny day. See the Patterns and Form page for more.

Patterns, both purposeful, in the facade of buildings, and accidental, in 'fractal cloudscapes' and jumbled branches, stand out. As clean, ordered buildings combine with the seemingly 'chaotic disregard' of their surrounding nature, the resulting pictures can be compelling.

The example to the right is of the facade of the Marriott Hotel at West India Quay against a fractal cloudscape. In a standard visual this would have been lost in a mass of grey detail.

Although fascinating and potentially a very useful artistic tool, Infra-red imagery has many limitations. Even state of the art kit limits the user to a fixed field of view and, with the top of the range camera used, a resolution of just 640 by 480 pixels. The standard heat-color spectrums that are offered are also aesthetically limited, in that they are aimed at assisting engineers to complete their tasks, rather than to make beautiful pictures. Future experiments on the images captured will include attempts to shift the heat-color spectrums in the pictures to more naturalistic and therefore attractive colors. 

This page is for building images of a general interest. The 'people and transport';  'patterns and form' and energy pages will also present an increasing number of relevant images. Remember to hit your browser's back button after clicking through to full sized images.

The current image collection on this page will be slowly revised over the coming months. Contributions are invited from anybody who thinks they might have an image of interest. Any third party images and comments used will be marked and hyperlinked as requested. Please see the About page for details of how to contact

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Thermal image of London's Houses of Parliament. Source: British Gas. Another British Gas image of Buckingham Palace is shown at the base of this page
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This opening batch of thermal images of buildings is primarily of Canary Wharf, with a few others thrown in. The top row of three comprises: a grand terrace near Regent's park, followed by more humble housing in Bethnal Green and Stepney. The second row includes a shot of the City; an East London square, and a street shot at Canary Wharf. 
The following elevated shots were taken from the balcony of City Hall. The standard photographs provide a few interesting reference shots. The thermal image of St Paul's will be explored in more detail soon, on the 'Experiments' web page.

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Buckingham Palace. Source: British Gas

Thermal image above of County Hall and the Millennium Wheel - Source: British Gas

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