Thermalcities: London was inspired by the 2006 London Architecture Biennale to become a contribution to the 2008 London Festival of Architecture. It is the first of several 'educational outreach projects' that will be launched by thinkofthefuture.com. For the 2008 festival new material was put up on the thermalcities.com site focusing on the theme of looking at London from a 'Fresh!' (In this case thermal) perspective. 

The enlarged images on the site are not so high quality, so as to avoid bandwidth issues. Higher quality images and variations on the images presented, can be made available as appropriate.

With the 2008 Festival now over, Thermalcities.com will be slowly repurposed to become a more general educational outreach site and will look to work with cities and educational outreach projects around the world, as the site builds its resources. 

Thermalcities has already been contacted by and been happy to support educational projects in Asia, N. America and Europe. As it and other thinkofthefuture sites develop, the aim is to do more and to invite collaborators to become part of the wider educational outreach effort.
If you have any potentially useful content to add to this site, Thermalcities will be very happy to hear from you. If used, your material will be given full citation, relevant hyperlinks and your copyright will be honored. If you wish to get in contact, please email Steve Lowe at thermalcities@gmail.com, but please have as the start of your subject line the upper-case letters TC to avoid being inadvertently regarded as spam.

Finally, if you like the site, please feel free to hyperlink to it and if you have a site that is in any way relevant, please let us know. Thermalcities is looking to both include more third party content on its pages and to detail and link to more relevant sites around the world

Copyright for all images and text resides with Steve Lowe/ Thermalcities, except where otherwise stated.


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